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About Us
IAC has successfully done business with many companies providing materials and expertise in most parts of India. Being in the business for the last 50 years we have developed strong relations with our suppliers, we have access to special pricing which we forward to our customers. Our organized warehouses open 24/7 let us ship materials anywhere to meet any urgent needs of our customers.

We provide all types of high quality-

  • Refractories Materials (Fire Bricks/Slabs/Blocks, Monolithic Refractories)
  • Insulation Materials (All Ceramic Fibre Products)
  • Acid Proof Materials (Acid proof tiles/bricks, Acid Proof chemicals)
  • Grout Materials (ACE Shrinkkomp)
We can provide everything according to your specifications. Our experience and knowledge in the industry allows us to locate, arrange, and coordinate the shipment of all items to meet your schedule. Same day delivery is also available along with our engineering capabilities to give any technical support that you may require.


Refractories design engineering, material selection, estimation, supply, installation is provided in association with the ACE Calderys Ltd. Design for Acid Proof Brick lining for pickling tanks and other critical equipments is provided in association with Coromandel Prodorite. Turnkey projects can be taken care by our recommended applicators.

Refractory Lining
# Insulation Linings
# Refractory Coating on Existing / New Lining
# Gunniting
# Spray Coating
# Anti-corrosive lining
# Acid Alkali proof lining
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